Ouvrages généralistes sur la métrologie

  • « Handbook of Metrology », Michael Glaser, Manfred Kochsiek (2010)

    Metrology is the study of measurement. It includes all theoretical and practical aspects of measurement and may be divided into three subfields:

    Scientific or fundamental metrology concerns the establishment of measurement units, unit systems, development of new measurement methods, realization of measurement standards and the transfer of traceability from these standards to users in society.

    This handbook contains articles dealing with general topics of measurement and articles on particular subjects in mechanics and acoustics, electricity, optics, temperature, time and frequency, chemistry, medicine and particles. The contributions of the first part are sumamrized as follows.

    • Introduction
    • Units
    • Fundamental Constants
    • Fundamentals of Materials Measurement and Testing
    • Measurement of Mass Desnity
    • Measurement and Instrumentation of Flow
    • Ultrasonics
    • Measurement of Basic Electromagnetic Quantities
    • Quantum Electrical Standards
    • Metrology of Time and Frequency
    • Temperature Measurement
    • Metrology in Medicine