Ouvrages sur les horloges atomiques

  • "The Quantum Physics of Atomic Frequency Standards: Recent Developments", Jacques Vanier and Cipriana Tomescu (2015), Ed. CRC Press

    Ce livre présente les développements qui ont été faits depuis les années 1990 sur les étalons atomiques de fréquence décrits dans les deux premiers volumes. Il couvre aussi les recherches et développements plus récents dans le domaine des fréquences optiques.

    Ce livre est destiné à toutes les équipes travaillant dans le domaine du temps-fréquence et de ses applications : réseaux de communications et données à haut débit, systèmes de navigation, GNSS, échelles de temps, etc.

  • « The quantum physics of atomic frequency standards », Claude Audouin, Jacques Vanier (1989), Ed. Adam Hilger

    Atomic frequency standards provide the most accurate measurements in physics. The Quantum Physics of Atomic Frequency Standards is an extensive survey of the subject covering both theoretical and experimental aspects together with applications. As an accessible and essential reference it will be invaluable to experienced researchers and beginners alike. The first volume begins with a quantum mechanics treatment of the interaction of static fields and electromagnetic radiation with atoms and molecules. Each of the important phenomena – noise, relaxation, broadening and frequency shifts – is treated in detail and optical pumping and population inversion are explained. With all the background material now in place the major part of these volumes is devoted to a theoretical analysis of the operation of the numerous atomic frequency standards that are either in use, are being studied or have been proposed.

    * Caesium atomic beam frequency standards

    * Hydrogen maser

    * Rubidium frequency standards

    * Mercury ion trap

    * Frequency stabilized lasers

    * Impact of atomic frequency standards on navigation and communication systems, in industry, in new technology and on fundamental research.