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Noise in High Frequency Circuits and Oscillators Noise in High Frequency Circuits and Oscillators

Auteurs : Burkhard Schiek, Heinz Jürgen Siweris, Ilona Rolfes
Année : 2006
Éditeur : Wiley

Tags associés : Electronique & traitement du signal, Oscillateurs,

En résumé

This book examines noise phenomena in linear and nonlinear high-frequency circuits from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives. The authors explore important noise mechanisms using…

Noise in High-Frequency Circuits and Oscillators has its origins in a university course taught by the authors. As a result, it is thoroughly classroom-tested and carefully structured to facilitate learning. Readers are given a solid foundation in the basics that allows them to proceed to more advanced and sophisticated themes such as computer-aided noise simulation of high-frequency circuits.

Following a discussion of mathematical and system-oriented fundamentals, the book covers:
* Noise of linear one- and two-ports
* Measurement of noise parameters
* Noise of diodes and transistors
* Parametric circuits
* Noise in nonlinear circuits
* Noise in oscillators
* Quantization noise

Each chapter contains a set of numerical and analytical problems that enable readers to apply their newfound knowledge to real-world problems. Solutions are provided in the appendices.

With their many years of classroom experience, the authors have designed a book that is ideal for graduate students in engineering and physics. It also addresses key issues and points to solutions for engineers working in the burgeoning satellite and wireless communications industries.